8 Actionable Tips for MSMEs To Boost Business With Digitalization & Ecommerceinnovation

Digitalization & ECommerceInnovation – the Best Bet to Boost MSMEs
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From a recent survey by The Economic Times, it’s clear that digitalization & EcommerceInnovation has helped MSMEs sustain their business even through the pandemic. Having a digital presence for your products or service can help you scale your business in many ways.

If you are just planning to start your enterprise or already have one and want to take it online and don’t know how and where to start, then fret not. Here are a few tips and resources that can help you take those essential steps towards taking and scaling your business digitally.

1. Decide on domain name & keep logo ready

The website name for your product/service is going to be of primal importance as it is something that your customer will at once identify your product with. So it’s only wise enough to give it a thought and come up with a sensible, simple, catchy and preferably short name for your website that’s easy to remember.

Logo goes a long way in branding your product. Keep it simple and relatable to your product or domain name.

Pro Tip: You can create a logo all by yourself using the Canva app’s free version.

2. Get your business registered with Udyog Aadhar

Similar to the Aadhaar- a unique identification number for citizens of India, Udyog Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit Government identification number for your business enterprise. It is provided by the Government and highly beneficial especially for sole proprietors who don’t have official recognition for their business.

To get a quick idea on how to register and the benefits of getting your business registered, read this.

3. One-page website

It’s always wise to start small and then scale up a business. Likewise, how much ever tempting it might be to invest in a fancy and shiny website, it’s highly recommended to go with a simple one-page website.

What matters is that you get your own domain name and hosting. If this sounds Greek & Latin to you, here’s a detailed article that can hand hold you to create your ready-to-go, one-page website.

4. Payment Gateway

Now that you have registered your business, have an online face to it and you want to monetize it. This is where the need for a payment gateway comes in.

A payment gateway is nothing but an eCommerce application service provider service that makes money transactions between you and your customer feasible. Some of the common service providers that you might have come across are PayTM, RazorPay, Instamojo, etc.

To know what are the top 10 payment gateway in India and choose the right one for your business, check here.

You may like the below video on how an ECommerceInnovation has improved the Indian Economy!

5. Google business

To have more reach in your local area, go get yourself a Google business account. It’s free and it’s an easier way to put a word out and find some local customers. Just do this:

Step 1–  Create a Google account. Pro Tip: Have a dedicated email id for your business.

Step 2– Go to www.business.google.com and enter your business name, location & delivery.

Step 3– Tell google what areas you serve and your business hours.

Step 4– Choose a business category.

Step 5- Add contact details.

Step 6– Finish & verify your business. You will be sent a code to your address of correspondence in a week & once you enter it your account will be activated.

There you go!  

6. WhatsApp business account

WhatsApp Business Account is the biggest boon for MSMEs for the way it adds professional as well as a personalized touch to the business. Its ease in accessibility and ability to connect with customers directly makes it a must for boosting business. Marketing and reaching out to a bulk of the targeted audiences is the biggest plus. All you need to get a separate phone number for your business account. No big deal right?!


7. Social Media Connect

Anyone and everyone are on at least one of the social media platforms. Given the wider reach of social media, you can take advantage of the free platform and connect with your customers there. Social media platforms are the best bets for your product/service launches and marketing.

Pro Tip: The analytics for each platform works differently. So, start with one social media platform at a time, grow your audience there over 3 months and then move on to the next platform.

8. Sustainability factor

The best part of having a small scale business is you have control over it totally and make wise decisions every step of it, choosing sustainable solutions. For example, I have seen small businesses like PracheenVidhaan and Kalpavriksha Farms choose sustainable packaging and also support local artisans. As a small business owner, you will definitely have the hold on making conscious choices towards sustainability.

In conclusion, this is the best time to take your next big step towards making your dream business come true with the government schemes and technology all in your favor.
Wishing you the best in all your endeavors. Let growth & success prevail!

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