10 life lessons from my autoimmune disorder (ITP) that helped me brave the Covid-19 pandemic

Series on Mental Health & Mindfulness

©Creative lettering by Roshna @ https://www.instagram.com/creativeme157/
©Creative lettering by Roshna @ https://www.instagram.com/creativeme157/

With access to an ocean of information right at our fingertips, we are always in a heightened state of awareness of worldly movements, protests, changing times etc. But how much time do we take in a day to be aware of the subtle movements that could help us transcend boundaries?


Greetings for the day!

I hope you are doing well and safe. If this is your first read from this series, please start here. I’m sharing some essential life lessons from my autoimmune disorder, ITP, that has helped me and can help you too to sail through the Covid-19 pandemic with sanity.

It’s true that we start valuing a thing only after losing it or while on the verge of losing it. Don’t you agree if I say many of us started noting the way we breathe only after the pandemic struck? I can picture you nod your head. No judgement here. In fact, it’s only years after the diagnosis of ITP, I came to realize that just an active lifestyle will not equate to the benefits of following a conscious exercise routine and exercise alone will not be enough for a holistic movement of the body, mind and soul.

Back then, I ignored the need to take care of myself. I had all sort of excuses, say, doing household chores with no domestic help or automated machinery, a daughter who always keeps me on my toes, a never-ending workload, tending to plants, commuting, etc. In spite of all the running nothing actually progressed in terms of health. What was I missing out on? All the time I was thinking I was active, but actually, I was busy (not productive). It’s only after ITP that I started listening to my body, giving it the time and attention it needed.

We don’t give as much attention to the basics of our health as much as we give attention to the next deadline on the work front or planning that surprise party or grooming our external appearance. The kind of hurriedness or busyness in our day to day life makes us believe that we are actually active while actually, we are not. Actually, the right kind of movement- the healthier kind, arises from a conscious space of stillness. Though movement and stillness can sound to be the exact opposites, they are essentially interlinked. It’s only in stillness that we recognize the nuances of subtle movements and also only a certain kind of conscious movement can help us delve into the space of stillness.

While pandemic has brought along the awareness for a healthy lifestyle, there is also a need for us to know that movement is just not confined to the expanse of our skin or muscles or the skeletal system. The movement starts from and ends within. If you don’t make a conscious effort to just be in the subtle movements of your breath, you are nowhere in the path of transcendence.

The chaos of a fast-paced lifestyle has caught us all in panic. Be it an autoimmune disorder or Covid-19, panic and stress is the first enemy. Many of the current lifestyle disorders and diseases are caused because of inflammation. And deep diaphragmatic breathing has shown to have neuro-biological and anti-inflammatory effects.  So to relieve stress, it’s vital for us to exercise our body, mind and soul.

Movement is the dance of your body


the song of your soul.

Here’s how you can practice a holistic approach towards the movement of body, mind and soul:

  • Firstly, understand that movement isn’t simply about being able to stretch your arms or how flexible you are physical. It’s about being able to transcend your boundaries.
  • Physical fitness is very much essential for a relaxed and clear mind. So make exercise (any kind that you enjoy) part of your routine.
  • Be conscious of your food intake. Less spicy and easy-to-digest food keeps the mind fresh and alert.
  •  Make conscious efforts to take deep diaphragmatic breaths. Be in your breath. Observe its movement.
  • Take time every day to look within and feel the expanse of your being– the central force that holds you together keeping you alive.

The right kind of movement lies in making time for silence and finding peace within. Movement when viewed as transcendence, helps better ourselves by setting us free from our limitations.

Movement is the dance of your body and the song of your soul.

Breathe easy.

Blessed be.

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