Small yet sure steps towards sustainability

5 simple things that I like to do that contribute to a better society

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We often ignore the significance of small yet sure steps. Especially when it comes to bringing about a change or positively impacting or contributing to society, we think of big ideas that may overwhelm us enough to not even start towards progress. It’s like a full stop even before a sentence begins.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Lao Tzu

The power of small consistent actions should not be underestimated. They may seem insignificant at the moment, but over time they can lead to significant and meaningful change. Small steps, taken regularly and with purpose, can build momentum and create a powerful impact. It is important to remember that great achievements often result from accumulating many small actions.

That said, here are a few small ways in which I contribute to society and hope to make it more impactful over the coming years.

  • Composting: I love gardening and can spend hours together pruning, repotting or watering without feeling tired. I initially started with composting as a means to supplement the plants with some nourishment but over the years, composting has become an addiction. I currently manage 3 composting bins (jugaad ones!) but I need to add a few more! It helps me reduce my carbon print by sending minimal to no wet waste to the landfill.
  • Buying Local: Thanks to my middle-class upbringing, malls are mostly for window shopping. When it comes to buying, I always prefer buying locally. Buying local comes with its own plus; if you are a regular buyer, the shopkeeper offers you items at a discounted rate, even unasked.
    • No bargain with street vendors: Strictly no bargaining with street vendors and I don’t even feel the need to explain why.
  • Reusing/Upcycling/Recycling: As someone conscious of the environmental hazards caused due to our different kinds of discards, I am a constant ‘work in progress’ in terms of minimalism. In fact, the main motive to come up with this website was to keep me accountable as I record my journey towards sustainability, here. To generate less waste, I either reuse stuff or upcycle it for further utility. Also, I regularly declutter my house and discard waste responsibly by handing it over to local kabadiwallas or waste management companies. Recently, we took the help of SaahasZeroWaste and had a good experience. They arranged for a pick-up of dry waste (including e-waste) from our doorstep.

  • Gifting books: I strongly believe that every kid should have access to colourful storybooks. A reading habit from a young age is a sure and sustainable way for a child’s intellectual growth along with social awareness. So my first choice of gifts for kids is certainly books. Also, I encourage reading among kids either by inviting them to access our mini library at our home or by reading out to them. My 10-year-old is more enthusiastic about doing so.

  • Raising a kind, helpful & eco-conscious kid: For a sustainable future, it’s essential to raise a child to be kind and eco-conscious. I must confess that my 10-year-old has heard more ‘NOs’ than ‘YES’ and she has understood and accepted them over the years. Be it our choice of not buying a four-wheeler or spending more time in nature than in malls, she has embraced it with a deep understanding. While her peers may have used fancy foam sheets and other stuff for colourful projects, she has stuck to the minimal usage of paper and made things colourful with her imaginative drawings. She uses one-sided papers for her artworks and writings. She is also equally excited about composting with earthworms being her pets!

These are a few bare minimal things that we are able to do and I hope, as a family, we learn more and become more sustainable.

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