Upcycling is reimagining & reshaping trash to treasure.

Collage of the upcycled items
Collage of the upcycled items

Where does every waste go? Do we have enough place for the discards? Do the knick-knacks get recycled? Do they reach their destination without harming the people who handle it or the environment around? Most importantly, how cute these colourful, shiny trinkets are; how do I even throw them? Won’t they feel sad? Well, these were the questions that made me start with my upcycling journey. May be, I should reword it as this is how I started hoarding junk!

There’s a dedicated loft and a cupboard for all the junk I have hoarded over years and I’m not proud of it. Most of the junk pile is of my daughter’s broken toys, accessories, wrappers, tags, and covers that come with packaging. But, the hoarding has only made me aware of the needless buys and the unending needs. . It has made me take baby steps towards minimalism and sustainability but I guess, it’s still a long way to go.

When I took to upcycling, I was sure of a few things: I shouldn’t buy anything shiny or decorative to upcycle junk, use minimal colours (if need be), and make products of utility rather than decor.

There were a lot of learnings along the way (more on that, later) and upcycling became a creative pursuit for me and my daughter (Miss.M) and she learnt to utilise junk for most of her school projects too instead of buying something new which I’m really proud of. We have upcycled bookmarks, writing desk, holders, wall decor, notebooks, notelets, wedding envelopes, doll dresses, friendship bands, scrunchies and lot more.

Upcycled crafts from years back

For now, let me share a few of the things we upcycled and gifted. I’m happy that they have all found their home and are treasured.

Writing desk upcycled from carton box filled with plastic wrappers, covered with torn bedsheet and a scrap plywood on the top for writing support
Upcyled notelets from grocery bags
Upcyled notelets from grocery bags
Doll dresses from scrap fabric, by M
Doll house from scrap by M

Owing to the image loading speed, I wind up with just these few. More about the process of upcycling, its pros and cons in the upcoming posts.

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