5 simple things you can do to keep a check on environmental triggers

In a recent new article published in the Times of India, there is a clear mention of the rise in the cases of autoimmune disorders. Though there is no “defined cause” for an autoimmune disorder, there are potential triggers like genetic inheritance, lifestyle changes, stress, environmental pollutants, certain medications, etc.

With environmental pollution on the rise causing many other health issues like asthma, skin allergies and now potentially triggering autoimmune disorders, it’s vital that we take steps towards maintaining a healthier environment around us.

Source: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/ad/2014/437231/

Here are 5 simple things that you can do to keep a check on environmental triggers:


We are living in a generation where more importance is given to materialistic possessions. In the name of comfort or status symbol, we accumulate a lot of materialistic stuff ranging from gadgets to fabrics.

In our drive towards materialistic possessions, our space gets cluttered, thereby inviting toxic pollutants into our living spaces. So buy for your needs and not for your wants. Try and adapt for a minimalistic lifestyle having more space to allow for the circulation of fresh air.

Bring nature inside

One of the best and easiest ways to make your surroundings fresh and appealing is by having indoor plants. Plants like spider plants, areca palms, aloe vera, snake plants, etc. act as air purifiers and also add positive vibes to the environment.

Avoid plastics

Though plastics shouldn’t be made villains, it’s important to know their place. Just for the sake of convenience, plastics shouldn’t be used everywhere, especially in storing food items. The harmful toxins from low-grade plastic storage containers can leach into food and affect your health. So shift to glass or steel containers and avoid plastics as much as possible.

Cut on chemical cleaners

Most household cleaners have concentrated chemicals which when inhaled can cause harm. These are a form of toxins that have taken a prominent place in each of our households in the name of hygiene.

Right from dishwashing liquids to toilet cleaners, all are nothing but harmful chemicals that can be potential triggers for skin allergies or autoimmune disorders. To avoid that, all the chemical cleaners can be replaced by natural cleaners like soapnut powders or citrus bio enzymes which are natural and non-harmful, for both us and the environment.  

You may want to check this page that can help you to start with making your own natural cleaners:


Cosmetic check

With beauty seen through the lens of social media standards, filters and cosmetics becoming the mandate, irrespective of gender or age, it’s vital that we make wise choices when it comes to cosmetics.

As much as possible try to embrace your natural beauty and keep it natural to let your skin breathe. When it comes to choosing cosmetics, keep it minimal and choose organic products that wouldn’t harm your skin. Safe on your skin and safe for the environment too.

For organic cosmetic product recommendations & reviews, check here:


These were a few ways in which you could have control over environmental triggers and keep your surroundings safe and healthy. Hope these help you make the necessary changes.

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Cheers to health and happiness.