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A beach is a place where the earth meets the vastness of the ocean, where the salt air fills your lungs and the sand sifts through your toes. It’s a place where time seems to slow down, and you become lost in the rhythmic sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.

Named for the black rocks that border its shores (hence the name Kalapathar, “kala” meaning black and “pathar” meaning rock), the Kalapathar beach is adorned with dead corals and features bluish-green crystalline waters, white sand, and a golden bed that greets you with a battalion of tiny hermit crabs. Watching these little harmless and adorable hermit crabs go about their business is a delightful and entertaining experience.

Hermit Crabs going about their business!

Kalapathar Beach is a great place to watch the sunrise. The beach is located on the eastern side of Havelock Island, which means it offers a clear view of the sunrise. The beach is surrounded by lush green forests, and the early morning light creates a beautiful contrast against the blue sea and the black rocks on the beach. Watching the sunrise at Kalapathar Beach is a tranquil and serene experience that many visitors to Havelock Island cherish.

Sunrise at the Kalapthar Beach

Some beaches inspire you to dive headfirst into love, while others might only give you enough bravery to kiss the shore. And then there are beaches like Kalapathar, which feel so welcoming and familiar that they’re like a long-lost friend, inviting you to unwind and engage in leisurely conversation.

Some corals found along the shore
The capture of our leisurely engagement with the sea!

Here’s a poem inspired by one such leisurely engagement with the sea:

Bringing Home the Beach

As I relax on the rock with legs stretched out, 
Getting a pedicure in the crystalline water, 
The gentle waves come by, with hushed conversations, 
And secret whispers that make my heart flutter.

Enveloped by the vastness of the sea, 
Bountiful glee washes over me, 
Relentless waves, a reminder true, 
Of hopes and dreams that never retire anew.

I yearned to take the beach with me, 
But how to carry it wholly? 
Taking sands, shells, or corals would be, 
A selfish act, damaging marine life so holy.

So, how to bring the beach home with care, 
Without harming the life it holds so dear? 
In my heart, I'll keep its beauty rare,
 And its memories will always be near.

For the beach is not just a place, 
But a feeling, a sense of peace and grace, 
It's in the sound of the waves' gentle pace, 
And the salty breeze that kisses your face.

The coolness of the waves reminds me so,
 My body no less a sea, my heart's rhythmic flow,
 A longing for life that never ceases to glow, 
Just like the waves that come and go.

The secrets whispers of the sea, 
Open my eyes so I can see, 
That the beach is inside of me, 
A feeling that will always be.

To feel its vastness, all I need, 
Is to sit relaxed and let my mind be freed, 
Dipping my thoughts in my heart's rhythmic beat, 
And listen to the whispers, so gentle and sweet.

So, I'll carry the beach in my soul, 
And let its tranquillity make me whole, 
A feeling of peace that will always be, 
A part of my soul, forever free.

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